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Bianca LIVE in Lac La Biche at the Vintage Show and Shine on Main Street with one of the organizers Lee Thom. Live today thanks to ⤵️ Bluewave Energy Bonnyville Lloyd Sadd Demers' Insurance Brokers Caouette & Sons Implements Ltd.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Saturday, 4 July 2020

Lac La Biche Show and Shine crowns winners

The four winners of the Vintage Show & Shine have been announced.

The two winners for the 1990 and up category are Gerald Gladue with a 2014 Challenger, and Jessie Malofe with a 2011 Challenger.

The two winners for the vintage car category are Theyb Tarabien with a 1969 Camero, and Blake White with a 1980 Ford Short Box.

Each winner received a $100 gift card from one of the four restaurants that sponsored the event.

Lee Thom, the recent owner of Lee’s Burger Baron, formerly known as Bill’s Burger Baron, co-sponsored a Vintage Show & Shine in front of his restaurant on Saturday, June 4. The other sponsors included V&H, Tara’s Pizza, and Joe’s Grill.

Even though Thom could have sponsored the event alone, he wanted to show the town of Lac La Biche that the local restaurants can come together and support each other.

“As a new businessman in town, I want to get the idea out to the people that we are all getting along,” says Thom.

“We are working together to service this community, and I don’t ever want it to be a battle with other businesses. I’d like to have a united, we work together kind of attitude.”

Thom is planning to have more Vintage Show & Shines in the future, and is hoping it will continue to grow from the 17 cars it has started out with.

“My idea is to have something in Lac La Biche to continue and give us something annual,” says Thom. “It’s about all of us getting together on the street, talking about cars and having some fun.”


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