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Caitlyn LIVE with the💧KEEP OUR LAKE BLUE💧campaign being organized by the Moose Lake Watershed Society & LICA - Environmental Stewards. Join the campaign at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XCF3TT7 to help make a change today!

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Friday, 3 July 2020

Keep Our Lake Blue campaign runs this summer

Residents can make the pledge with an online survey

The Keep Our Lake Blue environmental campaign is running throughout the summer with the goal of reducing phosphorus in Moose Lake.

The campaign, running for its second year, is part of a joint effort between the Moose Lake Watershed Society and LICA Environmental Stewards.

Phosphorus in Moose Lake has been a long standing problem, which then leads to algae blooms and turns the lake’s waters a sickly blue-green.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in the last couple years on phosphorus, such as tributary monitoring [monitoring rivers and streams that flow into Moose Lake] and collecting core samples with support from the M.D.,” said MLWS chair Kellie Nichiporik.

“That work is going towards building a budget, which will help us understand where our phosphorus is coming from so we can then start reducing the levels of phosphorus in the lake.”

The campaign is seeking assistance from the public to help reduce phosphorus sources from feeding into Moose Lake.

On Monday afternoon, AHS released a blue-green algae warning for areas of Moose Lake.

Some examples the initiative lists include washing a car on the grass, planting native vegetation, regularly cleaning out septic tanks, and setting up rain barrels.

In an interview, Nichiporik mentioned an additional 48 actions individuals can take to reduce phosphorus in the lake.

“We’re hoping to create little actions that lead to ripples to create a wave of change that people can be a part of every summer going forward,” said Nichiporik. “We want to keep our lake as blue as possible.”

The campaign will run through summer, and those that want to get involved can sign up here to receive a lawn sign to show their support.

Once the campaign has concluded a second survey will be put out to document the impact participants noticed in their lives.

Those interested can also contact Nichiporik for detail on how they can do their part.

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