Monday , 27 September 2021
Cst. Megan Letang and Victoria Bird, the fitness and recreation manager from the C2, pose with the positive tickets that kids will receive when RCMP see them wearing their helmets while bike riding.

Bonnyville RCMP announces positive ticket program

For the second year in a row, the Bonnyville RCMP and Victim Services are putting on a positive ticket program to promote positive relations with the community.

The RCMP will be partnering with the Centennial Centre, which have donated tickets that can be redeemed as admission to the C2’s movie theatre.

“We’re hoping this initiative serves to not only remind citizens to be safe and follow the law, but to also demonstrate that interactions with police don’t always need to be a negative experience,” said Cst. Megan Letang.

The RCMP will give out a ticket one goodie bag to any youth they observe obeying the law, active, and behaving smartly. The goodie bag will include a snack they can eat during the movie.

The initiative will kick off July 13th, and will run until September 13th.

“We’re looking to promote safety in the community, as well as positive interactions between youth and the officers under our jurisdiction,” said Letang.

The Cold Lake RCMP, MP, and Peace Officers are also participating in a similar initiative, which is running for the month of July.

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