Sunday , 2 October 2022

Bold Center is set to partially reopen at the beginning of July

Lac La Biche County has announced that their plans to open the Bold Center this week have been changed, and the recreation center is now set to open on July 2.

The Bold Center will open up slowly with areas of the facility only being open from 12:00-8:00pm, these areas include the Fitness Centre, CNRL walking track, and Field House 2.

Every area will be monitored to make sure there are not too many people, and that everyone is only there for a limited amount of time. This allows for more people to have access to the facility.

In a post made by the County, residents are asked to call in and reserve a time-slot for when they want to use the gym to ensure the gym isn’t at capacity when they arrive.

“Patrons will be able to call 780-623-3829 to book a time, and will be asked to limit their time in the Fitness Centre or on the Walking Track to allow other users into the facility. Patrons who drop in may be turned away and asked to book a different time if the facilities are full.”

Facilities that will remain closed

The skating rinks will not be available for public use at this time and there isn’t currently a date as to when they will open back up.

Other areas that will stay closed until the foreseeable future are, the Portage College pool and Field House 1.

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