Saturday , 27 November 2021

Cold Lake prepares work on 8th Street, capital budget additions

The City of Cold Lake is doing more work this summer than originally planned.

In an interview on The Morning After, Mayor Craig Copeland has outlined some of the projects the City of Cold Lake will be pursuing this year with its capital budget.

Road work

In Cold Lake North, 8th street will receive $1 million in renovations to have its pavement extended, which will create a second entrance to Lefebvre Heights.

Copeland has said that more complaints come in from the neighbourhood than any other in the city.

“I’m sure a lot of people will be thankful for the extra exit out of the subdivision. There’s been a lot of complaints when it comes to dust in backyards and on windows, so we’re looking to get the company that offered the tender started there sometime in the summer.”

It’s his hope that the second entrance will help quell the gripes residents have, as well as assist with development of the neighbourhood behind Cold Lake Elementary School.

Water, sewer, and stormwater improvements are also slated for the road.

Fire pump, Creekside Estates

A new fire pump will be installed in Cold Lake South with the purpose of making the city a safer place to live.

Copeland spoke about upgrading lift stations, pumps that move water up a slope, as well a backup power system which could help with cooling.

“These aren’t the kinds of things people like talking about. It’s baseball diamonds or hockey arenas that come to mind when you think about improving a community, but it’s these appliances that make your city a good and safe place to live in,” said Copeland.

Creekside estates will also be getting a playground, but what residents are getting for the time being will only be temporary.

The temporary park comes from the efforts of the estate’s lobby council.

The city has purchases two lots from the estates where the temporary park will be built, but as the area becomes more developed a permanent park will be built in the centre of the estates to make it equally accessible to all its residents.

Copeland said the park was long overdue and is glad progress is being made.

New wastewater treatment plant

The design of a new waste water treatment plant will be funded, which will utilize a moving bed biofilm reactor similar to those found in Europe.

“It’s one of our more exciting projects,” said Copeland.

“Our staff have been doing a great job with the book keeping, and it’s looking like a great option to use for our waste water.”

The reactor’s feasibility in northeastern Alberta’s winter climate was tested this past season, and the results are promising, the City said.

The facility is being financed by grants in addition to funds from the budget.

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