Monday , 27 September 2021

Bill Rogers becomes Bonnyville’s new CAO

Bill Rogers has stepped into the Chief Administrative Officer position for Bonnyville, one he inherits from his former boss Mark Power.

Rogers was previously Power’s assistant CAO, and brings 20 years of experience working in local government to the position.

As CAO, Rogers will be responsible for overseeing services provided by the Town, the creation of bylaws, dealings with council, human resources, and financial duties executed on behalf of town council.

Rogers, a Cape Breton native, has been involved with the Bonnyville community since 2011 and previously served as CAO in a central Alberta village for three years.

“I first got started in a town the size of Bonnyville, and then went on to work at a county level before coming to Alberta. It’s always been a step up for me,” said Rogers.

A key goal Rogers has in mind as CAO is to stay in the community and work closely with businesses in the hopes of building a more prosperous tomorrow, akin to when Alberta’s economy was booming in the early 2010s.

“When I got here in 2011, it was still the boom, and the last five years in particular have been so challenging. I want to help get us back to good times,” he said.

When asked what it was that made him feel connected to Bonnyville, Rogers said that he feels like he’s back home.

“The town I grew up in is the same size as Bonnyville. It’s surrounded by lakes and rivers and ocean. I did a lot of hunting and fishing as a kid. When I look around at the scenery and the landscape, Bonnyville looks exactly like home. It’s like I never left.”

Though Rogers has assumed the CAO position, Power will remain involved with the town’s government for two months in a dual role as Waste Commission Manager and Water Commission Manager, both part-time positions, before retiring.

Mayor Gene Sobolewski presented Powers with a commemorative pin as thanks for his 15 years of service to the community.

“He’s made very much of a difference. He made an impact, a positive impact, not only to the operations of the town, but streamlining our processes and really defining who we are as the result of the leadership of prior councils,” said Sobolewski.

Power looks forward to spending his retirement with his wife and reflected fondly on his time serving Bonnyville, saying he’s always gotten along with everyone he’s worked with.

He is confident that Rogers will do a good job in the position.

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