Town of St. Paul lays off dozen employees amidst COVID-19

The St. Paul pool.

The Town of St. Paul has laid off a dozen employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Maureen Miller confirmed the layoffs on Wednesday come from the recreation side.

“Unfortunately, I think we’re up to a dozen at this point,” she said.

“We just had to lay off those that were areas that we could cut. Our community is expecting that as well, that we’re taking our measures to protect the community as we are their dollar and stretching it as far as we can.

“So we have to be prudent and we have to be respectful. But yes, with that, at this point today, I believe we’re up to a dozen employees.”

Many of these layoffs come at recreational facilities like the pool and arenas.

The pool along with the town’s other recreation facilities have been closed for over a week.

The Morning After with the Mayor of the Town of St. Paul Maureen Miller.

With Town of St. Paul, Alberta Mayor Maureen Miller, we discuss the town's measures against COVID-19, tax deferrals for non-residential taxes until Oct. 1, and layoffs from town facilities. Also, playgrounds could be closed soon in the town.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

“Of course, basic services still need to happen. Our public works departments still need to manage water. That is going to be a challenge for us. It could be as early as tomorrow if we get warmth or snow, either way, our main services are protected for sure,” said Miller.