Cold Lake RCMP engage local youth in Nerf War battle

On Feb. 23, 2020, several off duty members of the Cold Lake RCMP detachment attended a fun and competitive outing with local youth at the Cold Lake Energy Center.
The all ages family event brought out a wide selection of Nerf guns, as well as parents and children from the community. There was a great turnout and the officers were able to see first hand the skill level of the participants.
“The tactics, creativity and teamwork was on full display as the officers had to be on top of their game to keep up with the kids”, said Corporal Sean Dutch of the Cold Lake Detachment.
“There were some advanced manoeuvres where one group would aim high on the members while another would shoot low, a classic divide and conquer tactic. Of particular concern were the larger Nerf darts that emit a low whistle before striking exposed body parts, with pin point accuracy! The officers had a great time engaging with the kids and it was a very positive experience for everyone involved, we shared some good laughs and always have a great deal of fun at these community events”.