Wednesday , 28 July 2021
Left to Right: Adrianna Marcoux, Germaine Nana, Lydia Mansouri, Sophie Quesnel, Pauline Szucs, Ashley St.Laurent, Gisèle Langevin and Jenna Kissack

La Garderie Les petits oursons receives Ministers Award of Excellence

La Garderie Les petits oursons in St. Paul has received the Ministers Award of Excellence for their Early Learning and Child Care Centre (ECLC) pilot program.

Director of the daycare, Pauline Szucs, explained the award. “This award is given yearly to child development professionals who make life better for children and families. We are honoured that this year we have been recognised by the Minister of Children’s services and we wish to celebrate and highlight our families and partners during our Christmas celebration.”

“This award was given to us for our continuous improvement and family involvement within our program,” explained Szucs.

The daycare has been open for five years. Currently there are 28 children enrolled and eight educators.

Last night, more than 115 attendees celebrated with with the daycare for their a holiday party and award presentation. This includes families past and present, our partners in the community and our pedagogical coach, Alison Rinas.

Nearing the end of the evening, Santa came to visit the children and two of our educators were there assisting him with the giving of gifts. Santa brought the children French books and music CDs for their enjoyment. All the children seemed pleased with his visit.

This award is a huge honor as it is one of the highest to receive as an educator and program within the childcare field in Alberta. It is also a great privilege to have received this award as we are a French daycare program serving families in a small rural community.

“We are 1 of 3 programs to have been recognized within all of Alberta this year,” said Szucs. “We are grateful that the Minister of Child & Family Services recognizes the hard work and passion our team puts in everyday. This prestigious award motivates us to continue on improving our expertise as Early Learning and Child Care Educators.”

Left side: Lydia Mansouri, Germaine Nana, Jenna Kissack, Sophie Quesnel (Daycare Staff Members) Middle: Breanna Hallpike ( ACFA Program Coordinator), Adrianna Marcoux (Daycare Staff Member) Right side standing: 2 members of the Knights of Columbus ( Simon and M. Oulette) Right side kneeling: 1 member of the Knights of Columbus ( Herman Poulin), Program Director Pauline Szucs ( Green Shirt), Ahmed Seif ACFA Director ( Blue shirt)


At the beginning of December the members of the ACFA collaborated with La garderie Les petits oursons to collect food for the food bank.

The children have been speaking about the importance of not wasting food as there are people who are not as fortunate. The educators decided to nurture this interest and shared knowledge by collecting non-perishable food.

The children worked hard at decorating the boxes that will hold the donations. On December 18th the ACFA and La garderie Les petits oursons welcomed three members of the Knights of Columbus to pick up the food collected over the past 3 weeks. The children were so proud of their accomplishments.

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