Saturday , 23 October 2021
Mallaig was one of the volleyball teams from the Lakeland area that will represent the Northeast zone at ASAA Volleyball Provincials this week.

St. Paul girls prepare to host Provincials; Mallaig, St. Paul, Vermilion schools win zones banner

Mallaig was one of the volleyball teams from the Lakeland area that will represent the Northeast zone at ASAA Volleyball Provincials this week.

Mallaig girls, St. Paul Regional boys, and Vermilion high schools St. Jerome’s Catholic School and J.R. Robson boys volleyball teams all won Northeast zones this past weekend.

Each school will advance to ASAA Provincials in 1A, 2A, and 3A competitions.

The different categories separate schools into similar sizes.

St. Paul Regional High School is hosting ASAA 3A Girls Volleyball Provincials from Thursday-Saturday.

The girls lost to Holy Rosary in the zone final, while Cold Lake High School won bronze.

Mallaig 1A Girls Champions

Image credit: Raedean Seymour.

École Mallaig School’s girls volleyball team will head to Bow Island for ASAA 1A Volleyball Provincials after an undefeated zone tournament.

“The tournament was great. Going into the weekend rankings were extremely close among all the team. The girls were excited and focused on building as the weekend unfolded. It was a goal from the beginning of the season to make provincials and the girls really dug in when it counted. The girls didn’t lose a set all weekend and I really attribute it to the mental fitness of the team,” said Raedean Seymour, girls coach.

“Both my co-coach and I loved watching their focus and determination in the final game, but the best part was watching them have fun. We are very lucky that we get to coach a close-knit group of girls.”

St. Jerome’s Catholic School 1A Boys Champions

Image credit: St. Jerome’s School Facebook page.

The St. Jerome’s Catholic School Senior Boys volleyball team went undefeated at zones after a successful season.

They too will go to Bow Island for the ASAA 1A Volleyball Provincials.

J.R. Robson 2A Boys Champions

Image credit: Lee Woodward.

J.R. Robson High School defeated École Beausejour in straight sets to claim gold at 2A volleyball zones in Lamont.

It was an undefeated run at zones, which will continue in Lethbridge at Provincials beginning on Thursday.

École Beausejour upset Lamont for the 2A girls zones banner.

St. Paul Regional Girls 3A Runner-ups

Image credit: Hank Smid.

St. Paul Regional girls will get a chance at redemption after taking home silver at zones.

With the opportunity to host ASAA 3A Girls Volleyball Provincials against the province’s finest, St. Paul hopes they can put together a good showing and compete.

“We’re just looking forward to having another successful tournament and playing a strong round-robin and hopefully making it past the quarterfinal and getting into that situation where you have the opportunity to play potentially for a medal game,” said coach Hank Smid.

“Some girls are in the six-foot range…But you know, having Sam Silva and Georgia Gates on the block is huge for us. We have some strong hitters with Courtney Hebert and Sarah Mistol playing key roles for us and our defense has to be strong. So we have some gals playing some great rules of defense as well.

“We feel that we will provide a great event for all our participants and spectators that come to our community. We’re excited for the economic side of this in our community.”

St. Paul Regional Boys 3A Zone Champions

Image credit: Troy Gratton.

The St. Paul Regional High School boys team beat the Fort McMurray Marauders 25-21 and 26-24 to win the 3A zones banner.

St. Paul will head to Magrath for ASAA 3A Provincials for Thursday.

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