Federal election primer with candidate profiles

Today is election day across the country.

Go to Elections Canada to find your nearest polling station.

Contact the Lakeland returning officer at 1-866-497-8895, or the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake returning officer at 1-866-497-8893 for details.

Lakeland riding candidates are Conservative Shannon Stubbs, People’s Party Alain Houle, Liberal Mark Watson, Veterans Coalition Roberta Graham, NDP Jeffrey Swanson, Libertarian Robert McFadzean, and Green Party Kira Brunner.

In the Cold Lake-Fort McMurray riding there are five candidates: Conservative David Yurdiga, People’s Party Matthew Barrett, Liberal Maggie Farrington, Green Brian Deheer, and NDP Matthew Gilks.

Candidate profiles Lakeland

Shannon Stubbs stops by in studio. She talked about her last four years in the House of Commons, which included being the shadow critic for natural resources in the Conservative Party.

She discussed the energy platform, climate change action, Indigenous issues, and Trudeau’s track record of being soft on terrorism.

Conservative Party candidate Shannon Stubbs

Conservative Party candidate Shannon Stubbs sits down to talk platform and policy ahead of the 2019 federal election.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Friday, October 18, 2019


People’s Party of Canada candidate Alain Houle stopped by in-studio to discuss the new party and their conservative platforms.

He denied claims that the party is racist and explained why the PPC would pull out of the United Nations Migration Pact and Paris Climate Accord. The party would bring in tax reforms, remove corporate welfare and would lower immigration levels.

Michael Menzies sits down with People's Party of Canada, Lakeland MP Candidate, Alain Houle.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Monday, October 7, 2019

Liberal candidate Mark Watson supports expanding the Alberta oil and gas sector and changing the equalization formula.

Libertarian candidate Robert McFadzean wants to see the government lesser involved in people’s lives. He explains here.

Roberta Graham is the Veterans Coalition Party candidate. The new party would put “Canadians first” and cut foreign aid, support veterans, and would support deporting illegal immigrants. She took part in the Yellow Vest convoys in Bonnyville and Ottawa.

Lakeland Connect reached out to NDP candidate Jeffrey Swanson but did not respond to a request for interview.

Green Party candidate Kira Brunner could not be reached for interview.

Candidate Forum

Here’s video from the candidates forum in Bonnyville two weeks ago.

Federal Election Candidates Forum Bonnyville Riding

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Tuesday, October 8, 2019