Saturday , 16 October 2021

Veterans Coalition Party candidate supports leaving UN and supporting Canadians first

Roberta Graham was an organizer of the Yellow Vest truck convoys in Bonnyville, and around the Anthony Henday in Edmonton, and took part of the trip to Parliament Hill in February.

It was a big reason she decided to take political action and run for the Lakeland MP seat as a Veterans Coalition Party candidate.

“The support that we saw across Ontario was amazing,” said Graham.

“It just proves how the government has been lying to all of us the whole way saying all people in Ontario and Quebec don’t support the pipeline, and then they say to them how we don’t support them. It’s a habit that has been going on in governments for many years. If they can keep the people divided, they don’t come together and have the power,” she said.

The Veterans Coalition is a new political party officially established weeks before the writ dropped signifying the election.

Her party would undo some of the legislation put into law during the last four years, including Bill C-75, because she said it lowered penalties to crimes against children and insinuated that new Canadians could be the reason.

“I decided to run because none of the platforms were talking about reinstating some of the laws that are kind of Mr. Trudeau has lowered the time spent in jail for child rape, child marriages, hiding a body.

“Also he’s taking away our freedoms. Those issues are hidden in Bill C-75. And also, he’s made it so that if you speak against the UN, or anybody that works for the UN, you could go to jail for 10 years,” she said.

Graham supports deporting illegal immigrants who she thinks is the cause of lessening the penalties on these crimes and added that true equality isn’t here anymore because it’s been taken away from mainstream Canadians and given to migrants.

“They’ve taken away our power. We’re not allowed to talk against them. We’re not allowed to protest against them for fear of going to jail for 10 years. While they’re allowing people to rape and pillage our children and only get two years. There’s something wrong with the balance.”

Her party would put Canadians first, supporting veterans with better funding by cutting foreign aid.

The VCP would look to balance budgets while not creating any new taxes, repealing the United Nations compact immediately upon election, and would remove the tax on CPP.

“I stand to protect their children, and I stand for the family farms. And I stand for the pipeline. Those are the three main issues in the election for Alberta. You know, the government has taxed the farms like crazy. We want to lower taxes on farming. We also want to loosen some of the restraints that have been put on farming and we want the farmer to be able to take their grain or beef to market where they can get a fair deal for their products,” she said.

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