Bonnyville Town Office community room opens up to groups

The community room in the basement of Bonnyville’s Town Office will be opened to groups soon.

The Town drafted a policy for the community’s non-profits and recreation groups.

The policy outlines that the room could be used for free by non-profits while rates for other non-municipal organizations range with half-day rates and weekend rates.

“They will be opening it for community and we’ll review it in about a year to work out the kinks or anything we need to look at doing better,” said Deputy Mayor Elisa Brosseau on The Morning After yesterday.

The Morning After with Town of Bonnyville Deputy Mayor Elisa Brosseau.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Wednesday, September 11, 2019


The policy outlines cleaning measures for the room, parking availability, and how to access the Town Office in closed hours.

However, groups will not be allowed to book for consistent meetings at certain times.

“The concern that we have is that if we allow groups to do block rentals, let’s say first Monday of every month..that might not allow access to that room for any type of pop-up meetings or last-minute things that groups would need to use the room for,” said Brosseau.

“At this point, no we are not allowing groups to do block bookings like that. But again if we find that this space isn’t being utilized as much as we thought when we do review it that is something that possibly could change.”