Sidewalk sales and garage sales: Rock the Block hits St. Paul

St. Paul’s Rock the Block and community garage sale is today.

The community event put on by the St. Paul and District Chamber of Commerce and Champions for Change will see 20 businesses and organizations with “something special” as they take their stores outdoors for sidewalk sales.

The activities begin at 11am and run all afternoon. The street dance begins at 7pm in the downtown park 49th Ave and 50 St.

“It’s basically just an opportunity to see what’s going on locally, to shop locally,” said Mayor Maureen Miller.

“Everybody has been encouraged to participate. And it has truly grown huge.”

Food will be provided by Twisted Fork and Lakeland Brewing Company.

The Metis Nation of Alberta meet and greet is also happening in St. Paul tonight.

There is a list of activities associated with the general assembly, including the Metis flag-raising Saturday morning.

“I just thought it was great for myself to experience who all the proprietors were.”