4 Wing hosting US Marines for Exercise SENTINEL EDGE

4 Wing Cold Lake will be hosting and supporting the United States Marine Corps in various training exercises from June 12-20.

Marine Aircraft Group 41 has deployed close to 900 Marine Forces Reserve personnel from Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas, to take part in Exercise SENTINEL EDGE.

The main area of operation will be the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, north of 4 Wing, where most training objectives will be met, between June 14-18.

Different aircraft and weapons systems may be visible, namely: KC130 Hercules tanker for air-to-air refuelling, MV-22 Osprey, AH-1 Super Cobra and UH-1 Huey helicopters.

To ensure public safety at all times, exercise scenarios are always carefully planned and closely controlled while generating agile, integrated and capable airpower to support Canada’s domestic, North American and expeditionary security interests, 4 Wing stated in a press release.

The purpose of the Marine Forces Reserve exercise will be to train, evaluate and improve bi-national air and ground interoperability in order to share best practices.

The exercise will afford both nations the opportunity to hone their ability to work together to support North America’s security needs at home and abroad.

4 Wing Cold Lake supports NORAD operations in Western Canada. Similar to real-world operations, 4 Wing remains relevant and responsive to our modern combat fighter battlespace to ensure Fighter Force mission success.