BRFA begins to pull equipment out of fire zone

The operation for the Moose Lake Fire is slowly wrapping up and the fire is classified as under control according to Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority Fire Chief, Jay Melvin.

Melvin anticipates BRFA members will start pulling equipment off of the site tonight.

Investigators from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry are still on site. Range Road 474 will remain closed this evening, and is expected to be reopened tomorrow.

“Residents can expect to see helicopters again tonight as they continue to drop water on the area,” Melvin said.

Boat launches on Moose Lake should reopen June 6 by noon.

Access to the Moose Lake United Fellowship camp has been reopened in addition to the other camps which were reopened earlier today. The M.D.’s Pelican Point Campground will remain closed at this time.

Melvin asked residents to stay out of the fire area, as there are still some crews working. He reminds residents there is still a Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Ban in place for the entire M.D.

“I would like to take this time to thank the fire crews, M.D. staff, and private contractors for their hard work and dedication, and thanks also to the public for their patience and giving us room to work.”

Melvin also expressed his appreciation to Cornerstone Co-op out of St. Paul and the County of St. Paul for the donation of food and food prep trailer. He also thanked Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters in Bonnyville for the donation of Wednesday’s lunch for the crew.

“I’m grateful to have so much support from the community,” Melvin said.