Jet training means loud noise for Cold Lake residents

Cold Lake and area residents will be hearing CF-18 fighter jets in the skies for the next week.

The CF-18 Demonstration Team’s 2019 Jet will be conducting annual spring training over Cold Lake from May 20th – 30th approximately twice a day, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

During this period, residents can expect to see fast-moving jet aircraft in the vicinity and loud jet noise. The CF-18 Demonstration aerobatic display lasts approximately 25 minutes. 

Due to flying regulations in the interest of public safety, CF-18 Demo Team practices are not open to the public. 

These practices are carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure public safety at all times, 4-Wing air base said.

The 2019 CF-18 Demonstration team’s theme “To the stars” will recognize the innovative and driven Canadians who have led the charge for change, and stand ready to inspire a new generation to take up the flame of innovation and help shape the RCAF’s pathway to the stars.