Sunday , 2 October 2022

Local petition to OK Trans Mountain sponsored by MP Stubbs has over 10k signatures

An M.D. resident’s online petition to move forward on the uncertain Trans Mountain Pipeline is gaining national traction.

Angela Cook launched the E-2165 petition to build the Trans Mountain Pipeline to the House of Commons last week that calls on the federal government to approve TMX on June 18 and for a concrete plan on when the pipeline will be built.

“We need to unite as Canadians standing together and we need to hold the government accountable and we want a firm answer that the pipeline is going to be approved. We want shovels in the ground and we want to when it’s going to be up and running,” said Cook.

The petition was sponsored by Lakeland MP and Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Shannon Stubbs.

“You need to add your voice to the majority of Canadians calling on this government to say yes to the Trans Mountain expansion,” said Stubbs in a Facebook video last Friday.

As of last night, the petition was nearing 11,000 e-signatures, with roughly 60 per cent of responses coming from Alberta, then British Columbia and Ontario.


“Our elected officials fight for us every day, but we really need to start with a grassroots, you and me and everyone else out there and have a voice,” said Cook.

“Alberta is hurting and we need the help of all provinces and all Canadians. We need everyone’s help.”

Cook organized the “Build the Pipeline Now” rally held at the Bonnyville Rodeo Grounds in January where local politicians, MLAs, and MPs spoke towards the importance of future pipelines in January.

A real estate agent, Cook said she sees the result of a hurting economy every day with falling housing prices and growing foreclosures.

“Back when we did the rally, a lot of the time we’re so busy working and raising a family, the silent majority isn’t out there saying anything.

“What we need is the silent majority to stand up and voice their opinions and situations on what’s going on because the economy is not great and people are suffering because of it,” said Cook.

The decision whether to accept the National Energy Board’s recommendation to approve the Trans Mountain Expansion is June 18.

News reports with officials close to the situation said earlier in the week said that an approval of Trans Mountain was likely.

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