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M.D of Bonnyville Council Highlights May 8, 2019



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Council Adopts New Hall Policy

Council adopted Policy No. 70.74.05 – Community Association Operating and Capital Grant Policy.

The policy outlines the purpose and procedures of the operating and capital grants for community halls and associations. An October 15 application deadline has been implemented for the capital grant. Applicants will no longer have to be a recipient of provincial funding to acquire capital funding.

Applications for operating grants will be accepted throughout the year. Halls and associations will be required to provide a copy of the previous year’s events when applying for an operating grant.

Currently, hall associations can receive an annual $25,000 operating grant, community associations with no halls can receive $5,000, the three major agricultural societies receive $20,000 and the two museums receive $25,000 annually.

Community Action Grant Policy Passed – Policy No. 70.74.06 – Community Action Grant

The policy was adopted by Council. The maximum funding for any one event or program is $5,000, and $25,000 for a capital project. An advisory committee may be developed to review applications over $1,000. Community associations currently receiving M.D. funding will not be eligible for a Community Action Grant. Applications for the grant are available online at www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca.

New Expense Claim Policy

Passed – Council adopted Policy No. 10.12.11 – Reimbursement and Expense Claims. The mileage rate for Council and staff was increased to 55 cents per kilometre, based on changes to mileage rates by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in January 2019. Air travel will be reimbursed based on actual cost. Meal reimbursement rates remain unchanged at: $20 for breakfast, $25 for lunch and $30 for dinner.

A personal expense allowance of $10 per day, based on the number of nights away, may be claimed for incidental expenses. Neither the cost of tipping or the cost of alcoholic beverages, will be reimbursed.

Planning and Development News

The Planning and Development Department received 18 building permits in April for a total value of $925,000, bringing the year-to-date total to $1,726,600. Housing starts for 2019 include two Single Family Dwellings. In 2019, the M.D. has received seven subdivision applications.

An Open House is scheduled for May 23 at the Bonnyville Seniors’ Drop-In Centre from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to present the draft Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) for Village of Glendon and the Summer Villages of Pelican Narrows and Bonnyville Beach.

First Reading was given to Bylaw No. LU 571 to rezone Plan 092 4820 Block 1 Lots 1 & 2 of Part NW 16-63-3-W4M from Agriculture “A” to Rural Industrial “RI” to allow the applicant to construct an additional 8,000 square foot shop on Lot 2.

The Public Hearing date was set for Wednesday, June 12.

Transportation and Utilities Update

Council awarded the $3,306,200 contract for the 2019 Reconstruction of Range Road 485, for 3.3 kilometres from Township Road 624 to Twp. Rd. 630, to Knelsen Sand and Gravel.

The project funding shortfall of $665,900 will be funded from the Restricted Surplus Capital Road Improvement.

Council awarded the $1,714,210.50 contract (without provisional item – 47 Avenue paving) for Ardmore Phase 6 Surface Works to Knelsen Sand and Gravel. Council directed administration to review the remaining works in Ardmore and bring back a plan for approval with cost analysis.

Funding Support

The Grande Parlour Theatre Enhancement Project received a $25,000 grant from Council, with the direction that the funds can only be used for new equipment purchases. The City of Cold Lake is contributing $25,000 to the project and community in-kind contributions total $18,000. The Cold Lake Entertainment Society will be fundraising to cover
remaining costs. Council agreed to a $500 sponsorship for a team of four at the June 15 Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Classic being held at the Cold Lake Golf and Winter Club.


Council agreed to allow Transportation & Utilities administration to provide, at no charge, one used culvert (which cannot be utilized by the M.D.), based on one request per person, until the inventory of used culverts has been cleared out.

These culverts are not meant to be used for drainage purposes for road approaches. These culverts are for projects on personal property i.e. between fields.

Reeve Greg Sawchuk and CAO Luc Mercier have been directed to appear at an Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) pre-hearing regarding the request for intervener status to support Imperial Oil Resources Limited’s Cold Lake Expansion Project in a hearing (proceeding ID 376) granted in response to a regulatory appeal from the Elizabeth Metis

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