M.D. closes Township Road 632 and entrance to Country Lane Estates due to flooding

Image from M.D.: Spring flooding has caused the closing of Township Road 632 at Range Road 423.

The M.D. has announced a road closure due to flooding.

As of Tuesday, Township Road 632 at Range Road 423 is closed to all traffic.

The entrance to Country Lane Estates, also on Township Road 632 is also closed.

Right now, we’ve done a lot mediation towards that,” said Deputy Reeve Ben Fadeyiw.

“Just the other day we had one of ratepayers with a concern that the water was cresting over her driveway. 6 o’clock at night we got out there with some pumps and we’re diverting our ponds and the water from happening.

“It’s a challenging area with it being low-lying and charged up as it is. But our guys are doing a great job and working hard.”

The M.D. will have an update once the road is open.