Cold Lake RCMP participates in Cold Lake First Nations’ 5th Annual Career Fair

On March 20, 2019, Corporal Susan Harper of the Cold Lake RCMP along with Constable Heather Noon of recruiting services participated in the 5th Annual Career Fair hosted by Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN).

Dave Zimmerman with Cold Lake RCMP Victim Services was also in attendance.

“The career fair will assist in achieving the goal of ‘A Livelihood for a Livelihood’ theme as we invest in the training and education of our people now and in the future,” said Chief Bernice Martial, CLFN.

“This career fair will also give an opportunity for your business or organization to create and/or enhance positive public relations and build and establish productive working relationships with/in First Nation communities in Treaty.”

Cpl. Harper added, “As a proud serving member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it has been a pleasure to attend this event with the hopes of recruiting a new generation of police officers represented by Canada’s diverse groups.”

Corporal Susan Harper of the Cold Lake RCMP with Constable Heather Noon.