Saturday , 19 June 2021

Blizzards speed through March

Pictured: Annabelle Iverson accepts bronze medal at Rabbit Hill Lauberhorn

The Kinosoo Blizzards Alpine Ski Team have been quite successful in March. The team celebrated two great showings already this month, first in Snow Valley on March 10th and second at Rabbit Hill March 16th and 17th. The races are leading into the team’s final competition of the season, on their home hill at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort, March 30th and 31st.

Snow Valley Race

On March 10th, the team traveled to Edmonton to compete at Snow Valley. The race featured consisted of Boys and Girls Dual Slalom with Paneled gates 2 single run timed races and a head to head flagged team race.

Annabelle Iverson took to the podium with a silver in both her individual races. Also making an impression was Eva Schafer with a silver and fourth

place finish. A highlight of the weekend was young Dylan Dechaine’s first podium appearance. The youngster took home a bronze medal for his dual slalom.

Top ten finishes:

  • Samantha Hornseth, 5th and 9th place ribbons
  • Cruz Harris, 6th and 7th place ribbons
  • Reighynn Pawlowski, 8th place ribbon
  • Rosie Iverson, 10th place ribbon

Rabbit Hill Lauberhorn

The following weekend, back in Edmonton, at the Rabbit Hill Lauberhorn, the team took the the slopes with the 4 to 7 year olds racing on Saturday and 8 to 11 year olds racing on Sunday. Although the team only found the podium twice at Rabbit Hill, they did make some memorable runs and clocked in some impression times.

Saturday two modified GS runs on River Run:

  • Rosie Iverson had an 8th place finish in the 7-year-old girls race.
  • Sophie Iverson had 5th and 8th place finishes in the 6 year old girl races.

Sunday two modified GS runs on River Run:

  • Annabelle Iverson earned a bronze medal and a 4th place ribbon in the 8-year-old girl races.
  • Eva Schafer earned a bronze medal and a 6th place in the 10-year-old girl races.
  • Dylan Dechaine had 8th and 9th place finishes in the 9 year old boy races.
  • Cruz Harris had a 9th place finish in the 10-year-old boy race.
  • Everett Pawlowski had a 9th and 10th place finish in the 11-year-old boy races.

HIGHLIGHT of the Lauberhorn was the speed event when our racers were clocked at their top speed

  • Eva Schafer 69.5 km/hr (1st place in category)
  • Annabelle Iverson 63.9 km/hr (2nd place in category)
  • Dylan Dechaine 64.4 km/hr (6th place in category)
  • Everett Pawlowski 70.2 km/hr (6th place in category)
  • Cruz Harris 68.2 km/hr (7th place in category)
  • Reighynn Pawlowski 59.8 km/hr (9th place in category)
  • Ryland Murphy 63.3 km/hr (10th place in category)

The Kinosoo Blizzards invites you to Blizzards Blast March 30-31 at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort.

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