Thursday , 16 September 2021

KidSport Bonnyville continues supporting kids in recreation

Teams from KidSport’s annual dodgeball tournament in 2017.

Recreation is only getting more expensive.

That’s why KidSport Bonnyville is encouraging families who have trouble paying for sports registration fees to apply for support.

“Kidsport Bonnyville is one of 40 Kidsport chapters in Alberta. What we do locally here is help low-income families help put their kids into sport,” said KidSport Bonnyville chair Brad Ollen.

“We’ll pay up to $300 per kid per year towards sports registration fees in Bonnyville.”

KidSport tries to ensure that the families who need the money the most get the help. They require some financial documentation to show that you’re in a local income situation.

“It’s a great program. We don’t have much communication with the families other than they’ve been approved or denied. We don’t decline anyone unless they’re over the low-income cutoff.

“Last year in 2018 we were able to fund 68 kids for $18,000 into local sports organizations,” said Ollen.

KidSport will fund any recreational activity that is a sustainable sports program over a period of time, said Ollen. That includes swimming lessons, dance, gymnastics, archery, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, school basketball, volleyball, etc.

“There are two ways to apply. You can go online kidsport.ca and then you can go to the Bonnyville link there and there’s an online application form. Or you can pick up a paper application form at the C2,” said Ollen.


Steak Dinner and Dodgeball Tournament ahead

KidSport Bonnyville is are hosting two events in the next couple of months to help fundraise.

On Sunday, March 3rd they are having their third annual steak supper fundraiser at the Players Lounge. For $30 you get steak, a drink, and a side.

“It’s easy to come down for a steak dinner and half the proceeds go to support KidSport Bonnyville. We do ask people to get their tickets in advance so you can contact us on Facebook or own board members,” said Ollen.

In April is their 6th annual dodgeball tournament.

“We usually hold it in on Friday after work so people can let loose a little bit. Let their shoulders go a little bit,” said Ollen.

Entry fees for the dodgeball tournament are $200 per team.


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