Thursday , 23 September 2021

In Elk Point: Library needs money, town supports industry

Notes from the January 28 regular meeting of Elk Point Town Council.

Library needs money

Delegates Daphne Schnurer and Laverne Wilson attended with a request from the library board to raise the operating grant provided by the Town. Schnurer explained that in times of economic slowdown, the library is a valuable centre, offering free space for clubs and organizations, vital computer connections for jobs seekers, events for families and individuals, and wellness and literacy programs for all ages, but there are costs for new books, new computers, and, of course, staffing.

Most of the library’s funds are raised by a very active “Friends of the Library” group.  However, funds raised are often tied to specific costs.  The request of the Town is an increase from $6000 to $10,000 annually, mostly to cover salaries.  A bequest of nearly $9000 was intended to be kept for something special to honour the donor, but some of the money, currently in a GIC may be needed to keep programs going.

The Town did not grant the request for more money, but does support the library in other ways that adds up to nearly $60,000. Insurance, utilities, garbage removal, grounds maintenance, and general repairs are all provided through the Town of Elk Point.


Town supports industry

The Town of Elk Point authorized administration, as requested by CNRL, to send a letter regarding the curtailment of heavy oil production to Premier Rachel Notley,  Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Bonnyville Mayor Gene Sobolewski, MLA David Hanson, County of St Paul Reeve Steve Upham, City of Lloydminster Mayor Gerald Aalbers, and MD of Bonnyville Reeve Greg Sawchuk.


Business Licence Discount in 2020

Businesses operating within town limits must register and pay the registration fee. As an incentive for prompt registration, beginning January 1, 2020, the registration fee will be reduced by 50% for any registrations completed within the month of January.

Late payment of business licence fees will be the regular fee plus 50%.


Live streaming council meetings

Lakeland Connect has been asked for assistance in setting up a live streaming camera to broadcast Elk Point Town Council meetings. Council will test a camera that may be used to record meetings, by-law visits, recreation events and other official public gatherings.

Council will give consideration to purchasing the camera and any attachments, should it meet their need, at a cost of about $1200 to be taken from the Legislative Operating Budget.


Economic Development Board

Fourteen applications for positions on the Economic Development Board have been received. Each council member will review the applicants to identify fields of knowledge and experience.

With so much interest, Council moved to amend the bylaw to include three appointed members, (one from each of Town of Elk Point Council, County of St. Paul Council, and Elk Point Chamber of Commerce,) as well as eight volunteer members with voting privileges.


Recreation Board

The recreation board is growing, with the recent appointment of Diane Peifer, Sheri Oszust, Toni May, and Marguerite Friesen. The board will be working towards a “broad program of recreational and cultural activities and services to meet the needs and desires of the general public,” (Bylaw 782/18).

More volunteers are required, and can apply by submitting a letter to Town Council.


Atom hockey provincials

Council approved $1000 for sponsorship of the Atom provincial hockey tournament to be hosted in Elk Point from March 14-17.

The town will ensure that the streets are cleared of snow prior to the event, and will clean the arena parking lot before Provincials begin, but cannot guarantee that the parking lot will be cleared should a heavy snowfall occur over the weekend.

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