Saturday , 8 May 2021

Red Coats for Kids taking over the Energy Centre

Mounties from all across Alberta will be lacing up this week for a great cause.

Over 110 Alberta RCMP members are participating in the Red Coats for Kids charity hockey tournament being held at the Cold Lake Energy Centre this week.

The tournament runs a competitive aspect and a non-competitive aspect usually with four to six teams in each division.

“There is nothing at stake but bragging rights,” stated Constable Jeremy Willis, tournament lead.

“The competitive aspect often has some RCMP officers who have played at a high level of hockey including some recently out of the CHL.”

There will be ten teams total: four competitive and six non-competitive.

Teams are determined by a draft system. Each player rates himself and is selected onto a team based on those ratings.

“The purpose of the tournament is to raise money for a children’s sports charity.”

After entry fees and donations money from the tournament will be going to KidSport Cold Lake, confirmed Cst. Willis.

The tournament is open to the public to enjoy, but more importantly it’s a great opportunity for members to unwind and socialize.

“The tournament is a chance for RCMP officers to have a breather & network, have a great time and socialize while benefiting a great cause,” explained Cst. Willis.

Cold Lake KidSport provides sporting equipment for youth and their families that may not be able to afford the opportunity.

“We are hoping to raise $3,000- $4,000 for KidSport Cold Lake chapter,” stated Cst. Willis.

The City of Cold Lake will support the event by providing the facilities at no cost, a value of $1785.00.

“We looked at it as an opportunity to not only give back to the RCMP and their families, but also the economic spin,” Mayor Copeland added that there will be many people staying hotels and dining at local restaurants during the three-day event.

The Red Coats for Kids hockey tournament will be held at the Energy Centre, this Wednesday through Friday, January 30th-February 1st, 2019.

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