Saturday , 24 July 2021

Dancing workshop encourages people who don’t typically dance

Get on dancing shoes: Ashley’s social dance workshop is happening this weekend at the Royal Canadian Legion in Bonnyville.

On Saturday, the workshop is focused on ballroom waltz, two-step, jive, and salsa lessons.

Ashley Murray, a dance instructor from Edmonton, is returning to Bonnyville to run the workshop. She hopes those that are shy or don’t normally dance decide to try it out.

“There were maybe people who hadn’t done much dancing or had done a few shuffles on the dancefloor, so the atmosphere that I am very passionate about creating is always a respective and inclusive atmosphere, and I don’t push people past what they feel comfortable. I would definitely encourage them,” said Murray.

Sunday is a chance for all age groups to participate. Those who come to either the 1pm or 3pm session will steer the time toward what they want to learn about.

“It will be focused the same on partner dancing and I will be asking for the experience of the group and tailoring the lesson with the experience they have.

“There may be some people with some ballet or Ukrainian experience before, they might have martial arts training and really understand footwork, or come from a sports background and looking at what would be interesting and trying to find those links and what their goals are,” she said.

Murray said she finds the Bonnyville crowd high energy and is impressed about how willing they are to try new things.

“To me once they start dancing than it becomes a great source of connection and community and a place to socialize and to express and it’s good for fitness. It has so many benefits in one place, so people tend to get hooked on dancing,” said Murray.

Tickets for the workshop on Saturday is $25, and for either session on Sunday is $15. Contact the legion for tickets.

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