Friday , 23 July 2021

Upgrades begin to Water Treatment Plant

Changes have already begun to the Cold Lake Water Treatment Plant, in preparation for the Regional Utility Water Services line that will be bringing water from Cold Lake to the Town of Bonnyville.

The Water Treatment Plant upgrades are required to accommodate the treatment and distribution of additional water required to service the Town of Bonnyville, while still maintaining the level of service required for the City of Cold Lake.

Upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant include a new membrane train, new clear-well, new transfer pumps, new raw water pumps with pump room, new utility room, new standby generator with generator room, chlorine cylinder storage room expansion, intake screen upgrade, new electrical throughout the building, and HVAC upgrade.

In order to accommodate the additional features, the Water Treatment Plant building will be expanding on the north and south sides, as well as adding a second floor to incorporate new office space and a meeting room.

“When we realized the building needed to expand its footprint, we really wanted to make sure the design of the building would suit all the other enhancements along the lakeshore,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “When the first design came in, it was a metal-clad box, so we sent that back to the table. There are a lot of residents in that area who will be staring at this building right next to the lake, so we wanted to make sure it didn’t become an eyesore.”

At a price tag of $19,583,036, the upgrade construction is 90 per cent funded by the Federal and Provincial Governments, with the M.D. of Bonnyville and the Town of Bonnyville picking up the remaining 10 per cent.

There will be no changes in the treatment of the water received by residents of the City of Cold Lake. The upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant are expected to be complete in spring 2020.

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