CLHS Rock’n Halloween Show Makes Science Fun

Cold Lake High School students prepare for their Sick Science Halloween Show on Tuesday.

Science can be a tough sell to kids, that’s why Cold Lake High School students and staff tried their best to grow the love of science in youngsters during their Sick Science Halloween Show.

Over 400 students in Grade 3 and 4 watched experiments that seemed to defy nature on Tuesday. Vomiting and exploding pumpkins. Balls disappearing in water. Even laying on a bed of nails.

The “magic” had the desired effect, says CLHS science teacher Kelly Johnson.

“The kids love it. They’re yelling, ‘I love science,’” he said.

The teachers got the idea in Denver from Steve Spangler, a regular on the Ellen show, who looks to create amazing science experiences. His ability to make the real look unreal was too good not to learn from.

“We [teachers] learned a ton of stuff and we brought it back. A lot of it was more elementary stuff, there’s cool stuff for high school too, but then we thought, why not put on a science show for our Grade 3’s and 4’s every two years? And then we can hit all the kids in our division,” said Johnson.

Volunteer high-school students helped set-up for the big show and explain what’s actually happening to the kids during each experiment. They also get to interact with the younger students.

They’ve been able to do it thanks to their partnership with OSUM. After sponsoring the teachers trip years ago, they’ve seen the idea grow into a unique experience on Halloween.

“It’s just a fun interesting way to get make science cool for those Grade 3 and 4’s who came from the elementary schools,” said Christi Clouter, communications advisor, OSUM.

“We really like the event because it helps teachers make science interesting and helps spread a love for science and an interest in science. It’s kind of a win-win for everyone involved.”

This was the students fourth ever performance of the show, which they do every two years.