Royals Host Westlock T-Birds in Consolation Semi-Final

The regular season is over, and the Cold Lake Royals high school football team will get a chance to end their season on a high note when they host the Westlock Thunderbirds, Saturday afternoon.

A trip to Wainwright for the consolation final hangs in the balance.

The Royals earned their only victory of the season against Westlock 28-26 three weeks ago, and coach Kelly Johnson knows what to expect from the T-Birds double-wing offence.

“We call it a meatgrinder. You just get in there and it’s just a bunch of big dudes carrying the ball, and everybody’s trying to outmuscle everybody,” said Johnson.

“They soak up so much time. They’ll take 8-9 minutes on a drive, go for it on third down almost every time, you just got to outscore them basically.”

Despite Westlock going winless again this year, Johnson anticipates another close game with a healthier squad.

“We’re about the healthiest we’ve been. We beat them 28-26 three weeks ago and I think we’re healthier than we were then.

“It will be a close game. Guaranteed it will be a one touchdown game.”

It could be the last game for the three Grade 12’s on the Royals roster.