“Senior” Lacrosse Could Be Coming to Lakeland

Another tier of lacrosse could be happening in the Lakeland next season.

President of Lakeland Lacrosse, Michael Groves, is holding a meeting tonight to gauge interest for a senior (aged 23-45) lacrosse team.

He says that the junior program has expanded so much in the past ten years, that graduates have nowhere to continue playing except in Edmonton or Vermilion.

“There’s talented people that have moved to town, some seniors, that are interested in doing this from Ontario mostly. So some of them are teachers, some of them are on the military base.”

The meeting is tonight at the Cold Lake Energy Center at 8:00pm in the 2nd Floor Board Room. They are also looking for sponsorships.

The Senior “C” North Division currently has teams in Red Deer, Edmonton, and Vermilion, and the season would coincide with the junior season from May to June.