Bonnyville Will Re-Open Talks About Cannabis Signage

The Town of Bonnyville is reconsidering a cannabis bylaw that could change the amount of signs a cannabis shop can have outside of its store.

The decision to reopen the bylaw came after town council received a letter from The Hive Cannabis Co. asking to change the regulations.

The land-use bylaw passed surrounding cannabis limits a retail outlet to one sign outside their store, which they say is unfair.

“As the AGLC has already implemented a very comprehensive sign policy, is there really a need to limit the number of signs that a retail store can have?” said The Hive Cannabis Co. in the letter to council.

AGLC policies state that signage “must be in good taste and not depict a lifestyle, endorsement, person, character, or animal.”

It also can’t promote intoxication, health benefits, or appeal to minors.

“At the end of the day limiting my business to one sign is impartial and could be detrimental to my business,” the letter continued.

Town council unanimously agreed to look at amending the bylaw, which passed in July.

The amendments to the bylaw will have to go through a public hearing. The council will either pass or defeat the amendment in the bylaw in second or third reading.

“I just appreciate it a great deal that they’re going to reopen it and everyone’s gonna have to do a bit more work,” said Kyle Sargent, The Hive Cannabis Co., after the decision from council.

“At the end of the day I hope it goes my way and they look at having as many signs as everyone else is allowed to have.”