Gear Grabbers Show and Shine Braves Weather in its 8th Year

Image: Dale Mackie’s 1926-27 Cadillac Custom Imperial Limousine sits inside at the Centennial Centre during the 8th Annual  Gear Grabbers Classic Show and Shine

Dale Mackie doesn’t drive his 26-27 Cadillac Limousine when it goes to car shows, but it still looks like a piece of art.

“We bought the car in 2012. Me and a friend restored it. It took us 21 months, then we started showing it 2014,” said Mackie.

The retired Victoria native and his wife stopped in Bonnyville for the 8th Annual Gear Grabbers Classic Show and Shine on Saturday along with 120 or so other proud vehicle owners. One stop of 20 around Saskatchewan and Alberta for Mackie.

“This one is probably one of the better shows. They’ve all been pretty good but this helps being an indoor for us because we don’t have to worry about the weather. And it looks like it’s very well organized.”

Although the weather was active throughout the day, that didn’t stop people from having a good time. Whether it was a souped-up Charger or Mustang, many participants rolled their prized possessions onto the dynamometer to measure its horsepower.

When the honours were handed out, Mackie won Best of Show. A Top 10 list was compiled from spectators and participants votes as well.

Eian & Dorothy Wilson’s 1957 Ford Fairline that won Best of Class.

Reeve Greg Sawchuk entered his 1929 Ford Model A into the action. It’s a street legal race car and was restored four years ago.

“Probably the toughest part was building the chassis because the chassis is all custom built. And that took a year in itself,” said Sawchuk.

“My family has always been a little car crazy and I wanted to build something a little outlandish, and I love the turbo cars that are running these days. So I wanted to put a turbo in a hot rod.”

Last year there was 160 cars at the show.

“There was a good crowd out despite the weather. Lots of cars, lots of shiny cars, some incredible trucks as well. A great day.”