Monday , 20 September 2021

A Millennium of Service; Bonnyville Fire Fighters Receive Provincial Medal

The Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority poses for a group picture with MLA Scott Cyr, center, after each were honoured with the Alberta Emergency Services Medal.

The Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority honoured their volunteer first responders with a provincial distinction on Thursday night. The fire fighters received the Alberta Emergency Services Medal presented by the province, MLA Scott Cyr, Bonnyville-Cold Lake, for their years of service.

The medal is presented to those who’ve done all the required training and duty prescribed by their municipality, and must be certified by their administrative authority as efficient and in every way deserving of the award.

A medal receipient must have 12 years experience. Afterwards, additional medals are awarded at 22 years, and 32 years. Over a 1000 years of combined service from volunteers was represented at the Glendon Senior’s Centre for the event.

Six fire fighters received the 12 year medal, 33 more the 22 year “bronze bar” honour , and three topped the 32 year plateau “silver bar,” including the regional fire chief, Brian McEvoy.

“The only time you receive the recognition for years of service it feels good. We do internal recognitions of our regional fire authority, but when the government of your province recognizes your services, it feels special,” said McEvoy.

The gold bar is eligible for those who’ve served 40 years.

It’s expected in the fall that a similar ceremony will be held for the 911 and EMS divisions.

The medal shows an Alberta Wild Rose circumscribed with the words ‘In Service Of Albertans’ and ‘Emergency Services Alberta’. The medal was created in 2000.

Here is the full list of medal winners.

12 Year Medals:

Caroline Donald
Patrick Elsen
Craig Fritzler
Wanda Myers
Geraldine Tiller
William Tiller

22 Year Medals:

Glen Aylesworth
Ivan Brosseau
Brian Chyz
Nick Drobot
Darren Graves
Gordon Graves
William Griffith
Dennis Hagen
Elsie Hagen
Dwayne Kalinsky
Thomas Kemsley
Ben Kwiatkowski
Don Kwiatkowski

Lawrence Kwiatkowski
Melody Kwiatkowski
Craig MacGillivray
Claude Mathiot
Gerald Mathiot
Jack Mathiot
Patrick Mathiot
Brian McEvoy
Ralph McGregor
Henry Pratch
Pearl Pratch
Micheal Richter
Brent Robitaille
Darryl Shyian
Felix Smyl
Kenneth Smyl
Walter Smyl
Dana Swigart
Edward Watrich
Irene Welecki

32 Year Medals:

Brian Chyz
Brian McEvoy
Dana Swigart

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