Thursday , 22 April 2021

County of St. Paul Council Highlights

Notes from the County of St. Paul #19 Council Meeting held May 8


Funding was approved for a number of local organizations:


$2000 for Elk Point’s Canada Day fireworks

$2000 for Elk Point Minor Ball for hosting provincial championship

tournaments last year.  An amendment has been made

to a county policy to create a deadline of January 31 of

the following year to apply for funding.

$500 to Regional High School to send a team to Skills Canada

Competitions. This amount is consistent with grants

provided for sports teams attending provincial


$1000 transportation grant to Heritage Lodge in Elk Point

40 yards of gravel to Haying in the 30s for a concrete slab and

landscaping at a commemorative building at Mallaig

250 yards of gravel to the Town of St. Paul to assist with drainage


500 yards of gravel to St Lina Ag Society for their parking lot

$7500 to Town of St. Paul for Canada Day fireworks

County bounty hunter succeeds in collecting back taxes

May 8 was scheduled for a public auction of lands that were in tax arrears. However, the sale  was cancelled as all back taxes were paid. Credit was given to the planning and development department for contacting and negotiating with delinquent landowners.


Football and track field lighting request

Todd Tanasichuk, football coach and representative from the St. Paul Quarterbacks’ Club, provided an update on the club’s efforts to purchase and install lights on the running track and football field just north of Glen Avon School. The club has been raising funds for a number of years, but the project has been hampered by rising costs. Tanasichuk fears that “possible tariffs from the US could dramatically increase the cost of lights” so he feels an urgency to purchase. As well, a grant from the province must be used by next spring, so the project needs to be completed soon.  Tanasichuk is thrilled with the dedication of the club’s parents, and assures that they are gaining in their fundraising efforts, but requested a loan from the County. Council approved an interest-free loan, requesting that unused funds be returned, and emphasizing that it is a loan, not a grant.

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