Thursday , 22 April 2021

MS Walk raises over $120,000

The Annual Lakeland MS Walk exceeded expectations this past Saturday in St. Paul. Regional Office Manager, Brenda Rosychuk says the MS Society is very grateful for the impressive turnout.

“Our goal was 400 participants, we had 575!” Rosychuk says each walkers’ pledges go a long way to fight MS.

Preliminary numbers show about $120,000 was raised from the event, “groups and walkers have until July to turn in their money,” Rosychuk explains there could still be some money trickling in.

Johanna Green, Regional Director for the MS Society of Canada says it’s a year-round effort that makes the event a success each year.

“It takes a huge volunteer force and a year round leadership to make this possible. We have a council advisory, locally, that makes its all possible.”

Green says there is a lot of hope for a cure, “for those of you living with or who are touched by MS, I’m sure the words progress and research sometimes feel like they are far away and move at a crawl.” She says change is happening and volunteers, as well as, participants in the walk have been instrumental in moving change along.

“About ten years ago there was very little, in terms of option and treatments. Today, for those living with relapsing and remitting MS, there are 14 different options.” Green explains that among those 14 options, there are now some oral options, whereas before it was injection onlu options. “It speaks to huge advancements.”

The Lakeland MS Society would like to thank Saik Insurance, the Cooperators for pledging to donate $15,000 to the walk. Saik Insurance is the local title sponsor of the event.


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