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NLPS Board recognizes retirees, long serving staff

The Northern Lights Public Schools Board of Trustees celebrated 17 retirees and recognized 144 staff at its annual Staff Recognition Evening held in Glendon on Friday, May 4.

“It was wonderful to have so many of our staff join us in celebrating the accomplishments and contributions their colleagues have made to Northern Lights,” said Board Chair Arlene Hrynyk, noting there was record attendance at this year’s event. “This is our opportunity to thank our staff for the work they do in our schools every day to benefit our students. They go above and beyond to ensure our students have the best possible opportunity to achieve success and we really can’t thank them enough for everything that they do.”

This year’s event recognized 17 retirees who have served a combined total of 489 years with the school division. They included two principals, division office staff, teachers and school support staff. The Board also recognized staff who have served with the division for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years. This year the Board recognized 10 staff that have worked in the division for 30 years or longer.

The Board also recognized former trustees Nestor Kunec and Rod Soholt for their service to the school division and this year’s Edwin Parr nominee, Colby Bowers.

2017-2018 Staff Recognition Evening Growing Together


Rhonda Watts                                 Bonnyville Centralized High School

Elaine Blades                                   Cold Lake Elementary School

Mavis Kartz                                      Cold Lake High School

Nancy MacKichan                       Cold Lake High School

Betty Savoie                                    Cold Lake High School

Laurie Pierce                                   Cold Lake Middle School

Melanie Elliott                                 Division Office

Joanne Kurek                                 Division Office

Wayne Kurek                                  Division Office

Lorna Scharfenberg                     Division Office and Lac La Biche Outreach School Richard Cameron             Duclos School

Cyndie Kissel                                   Duclos School

Debbie Waskiewich                      Duclos School

Belvia Wrobel                                 Glendon School

Donna Cadieux                             J.A. Williams High School

Maureen Miller                               North Star Elementary School

Dana Robb                                     Vera M. Welsh Elementary School


40-Year Service Award Recipient

Rita Anderson                                 Division Office

Horace Patenaude                      Bus Contractor


35-Year Service Award Recipients

Jodi Noble                                       North Star Elementary School


30-Year Service Award Recipients

Tammy Verboom                          Aurora Middle School

Nancy MacKichan                       Cold Lake High School

Bob McRae                                     Division Office

Debbie Waskiewich                      Duclos School

Sharon Sharun                                H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

John Waine                                     J.A. Williams High School


25-Year Service Award Recipients

Dianne Ludwig                               Aurora Middle School

Wayne Mah                                    Aurora Middle School

Laurie Pierce                                   Cold Lake Middle School

Belvia Wrobel                                 Glendon School

Gloria Albertyne                            Bus Contractor

Josephine Collins                          Bus Contractor

William Lachowich                       Bus Contractor


20-Year Service Award Recipients

Andrea Farrell                                 Art Smith Aviation Academy

Chris Vining                                     Art Smith Aviation Academy

Kim Nashim                                      Aurora Middle School

Laura Tuttosi                                    C2-School

Michael Fleming                            Cold Lake Elementary School

Kelly Johnson                                 Cold Lake High School

Brad Wilkins                                      Division Office

Frank Collins                                    J.A. Williams High School

Laurie Thompson                           Kikino School

Marguerite Miller                           Nelson Heights Middle School

Tracy Poirier                                     North Star Elementary School

Debbie Delorey                             Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Lisa Iversen                                      Wandering River School

Lloyd and Betty Birn                     Bus Contractor Dan and Carol Leach       Bus Contractor Ken McDonald                                       Bus Contractor

15-Year Service Award Recipients

Susan Everest                                  Ardmore School

June Weldon                                  Ardmore School

Natalie Cardinal                            Aurora Middle School

Tanya Draney                                 Aurora Middle School

Tara Finnestad                                Aurora Middle School

Weby Moghrabi                            Aurora Middle School

Claudia Machan                          Cold Lake Elementary School

Sherry MacQueen                        Cold Lake Elementary School

Kari Whan                                    Cold Lake Elementary School

Roland Dargis                                 Cold Lake High School

David Whan                                    Cold Lake High School

Cass Claude                                   Cold Lake Middle School

Audrey Martyniuk                         Cold Lake Middle School

Jimmi Lou Irvine                             Division Office

Glen Marko                                     Division Office

Shala Heffernan                             Duclos School

Rebecca Hilligas                           École Plamondon School

Pamela Lien                                    École Plamondon School

Janice Brundige                            H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

Conal Donovan                            J.A. Williams High School

Melanie Harpe                               J.A. Williams High School

Richard Parsons                             J.A. Williams High School

Lorri Waine                                       J.A. Williams High School

Raylene Cardinal                          Kikino School

Thomas Gillis                                    Nelson Heights Middle School

Tara Gale                                         North Star Elementary School

Crystal Cardinal                             Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Kimberley Przybylski                      Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Tina Skakun                                    Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

10-Year Service Award Recipients

Zennon Szabo                                Art Smith Aviation Academy

Madeline Belanger                       Aurora Middle School

Tanya Giacobbo                          Aurora Middle School

Patrick Lyons                                   Aurora Middle School

Karin Wipfli                                       Aurora Middle School

Erica Dekker                                    Bonnyville Centralized High School

Lorelei Gertz-Cummins                   Bonnyville Centralized High School

Gregory King                                   Bonnyville Centralized High School

Karen Draycott                              Bonnyville Outreach School

Anita Holt                                         Caslan School

Amanda Sibley                              Cold Lake Elementary School

Keith Eagles                                     Cold Lake High School

Freya Fontaine                               Cold Lake High School

Christina Kean                                Cold Lake High School

Emerson Quiambao                       Cold Lake High School

Lara Ripkens                                  Cold Lake Outreach School

Glenda Bouvier                             Division Office

Carly Johnson                                Division Office

Coreen Nadeau                            Division Office

Russel Quinney                               Division Office

Tanya Steele                                   Duclos School

Eileen Shapka                                École Plamondon School

Susan Clarke                                   Glendon School

Neonila Shymchuk                        Iron River School

Sandra Cadieux                            J.A. Williams High School

Joanne Erasmus                            J.A. Williams High School

Tyson Jordan                                  J.A. Williams High School

Brenda Mosich                               J.A. Williams High School

Chelsey Pinsky                                Nelson Heights Middle School

David Ripkens                                 Nelson Heights Middle School

Mark Sutherland                            Nelson Heights Middle School

Donna Stratychuk                         North Star Elementary School

Bonnie Collins                                 Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Amanda Cardinal                        Youth Assessment Centre

Cathy Torresan                              Bus Contractor

Curtis and Darlene Wilson               Bus Contractor

5-Year Service Award Recipients

Florence Pelta                                Ardmore School

Kristyne Timm                                  Art Smith Aviation Academy

Angela Godin                                Art Smith Aviation Academy

Gavin Johnson                              Art Smith Aviation Academy

Donovan Pinsky                             Art Smith Aviation Academy

Leanne Swansburg                         Art Smith Aviation Academy

Terry Lynn Bouvier                         Bonnyville Centralized High School

Nicole Friesen                                Bonnyville Centralized High School

Elizabeth Ann Switzer                    Bonnyville Centralized High School

Dana Fedoretz                              Caslan School

Amanda Hodgins                         Caslan School

Zannifer Pinsky                             Cold Lake Elementary School

Cheramie Smith                             Cold Lake Elementary School

Nyree Smith-Hunter                      Cold Lake Elementary School

Angela Nagoya                             Cold Lake High School

Tracie Young                                  Cold Lake High School

Mandy HIrkala                                Cold Lake Middle School

Julia Pierce                                      Cold Lake Middle School

Don Moore                                      Cold Lake Outreach School

Tammy Costard                             Division Office

Robyn Black                                    Duclos School

Marlena Bowering                        Duclos School

Sarah Declark                                 Duclos School

Carmen Ostashek                         Duclos School

Chantelle Tercier                           Duclos School

Dawn Tienhaara                            Duclos School

Katerina Evdokimov                     École Plamondon School

Lisa Maheden                              École Plamondon School

Bailey Kwiatkowski                        Glendon School

Kami Bowers                                   H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

Kelly Murphy                                   H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

Bethany Olson                               H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

Kimberly Turchyn                           H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

Raj Chatterjee                                J.A. Williams High School

Lisa Dribnenki                                  J.A. Williams High School

Andrew Russell                               J.A. Williams High School

Lisa Cardinal                                   Kikino School

Katherine MacDonald                    Kikino School

Dayna Thompson                         Kikino School

Iris Bertsch                                   Nelson Heights Middle School

Andrea Rudderham                      North Star Elementary School

Michelle Carter                               Transportation

Edna Martineau                             Transportation

Shailey Martens                              Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Cheryl Ballard                                 Wandering River School

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