Sunday , 11 April 2021

Osum looking for Leaders of Tomorrow

Osum is putting the call out for nominees for their Leaders of Tomorrow grant. The grant provides $1,000 to up to six lucky grade 12 students in the Lakeland region, who have shown they are leaders in their communities.

The grant is not based on grades, rather on the student’s involvement in bettering the community he/she lives in.

“It’s meant to show young people that the great things they do when nobody’s looking, or the acts of integrity they demonstrate when there’s nothing in it for them really are important.”

Any 2018 high school student graduating from a Cold Lake or Bonnyville high school with plans to pursue post-secondary education, is eligible to receive one of these awards. (Being nominated does not guarantee the student will receive the award.)

To nominate a student visit, https://www.osumcorp.com/leaders/. Nomination deadline is Friday, May 12th at 4:30pm.

To view past receipents of the award, visit, https://www.osumcorp.com/leaders/past-award-recipients/

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