Thursday , 22 April 2021


Monty Python fans were tickled by Elk Point Theatre Project’s production of the Young at Part Edition of SPAMALOT.  With quick puns, fun accents, goofy songs, and just-the-right-look at just-the-right-time, the young actors (9 – 17 year olds) enthralled their audiences at Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon performances this weekend.


Although King Arthur just wanted to pull together “a few good men” and seek the Holy Grail, what the Knights of the Round Table actually found was the perfect venue to flaunt their real talents – a Broadway show. Supported by the Lady-of-the-Lake, a diva of divas, the motley crew found success and happiness in “routines and chorus scenes.”


The young actors are fabulous. They know their parts and delight Monty Python aficionados with familiar hilarious sketches.


Andrew Richer develops Arthur as an understated, exasperated self-proclaimed King of Briton, copying the style of Graham Chapman who played the character in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Lauren Smith, as King Arthur’s Patsy, a faithful sidekick to an unappreciative lord, “carries the load” with marvelous timing and delivery. Phenomenal as the Lady of the Lake, Peyton Proudlove has an astonishingly mature nightclub voice and nails every diva hipswing, hand crook, and forehead swipe. Casey Warawa has perfected the “outrageous accent” of the French guard and the prolonged, bloody death of a knight attacked by a bunny.


The actors who portray King Arthur’s Knights create a ragtag crew of adventurers, and they often play a second role. Zxayven Pelech is a steady and unassuming Sir Lancelot, but as a profiteer who brings corpses from the plague his droll delivery underscores the black humour of the skit. Jove Boorse plays Sir Galahad, slightly squeamish when the Lady-of-the-Lake suggests that “The song that goes like this will end in a kiss.” He also develops an indignant Dennis, a peasant who is strongly aware of his rights and does not answer to “Kneel” (Neil).


Saige Hardcastle builds tenderhearted Sir Robin through a range of facial expressions.  Kylie Young brings light to Sir Bedevere.


Providing a setting for the play and occasional historical tidbits, Ella Smith delivers every line with confidence.  In their roles as backup singers, dancers, cheerleaders, and dead bodies, Aurora Smith and Kyra Ockerman swoop on and off the stage adding presence and activity.


All-in-all, the performance, produced by Loanne Smith, and directed and choreographed by Jessika Clarke with music direction and sound by Kelsey Taylor, is a tribute to the talents, time, and effort of the whole team, including the parents, siblings, and groupies who built the sets, sewed the costumes, cooked the buffet, sold the snacks, worked the door, raised the funds….


A must-see, the show will go on stage again this Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6 at the Elk Point Arts and Leisure Centre (Allied Arts). Tickets can be purchased with or without the buffet meal, and are available at Knotty Boyz and Elk Point Realty in Elk Point, or at St. Paul Eyecare in St. Paul.

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