Saturday , 10 April 2021

Thank you, Elk Point Community

A serious structure fire in Elk Point on Friday, April 27 has reminded us all that our lives can change in a moment, but more importantly it has shown us the true strength of a small community who comes together in times of need.

So many residents of Elk Point and the county stepped up and continue to step up in many ways and deserve our most sincere thank you:
• First, the local residents who saw the fire and quickly went door to door to make sure all residents were out and safe.
• Next a group of residents who stepped up to assist an Elk Point Fire Department member until more fire units and fire department personnel could get on scene.
• The Elk Point Fire Department who worked relentlessly fighting the fire until it was out.
• In addition, the St Paul Fire Department who responded to assist our local firefighters in battling this huge fire, preventing it from spreading to surrounding residences.

Once the fire was out, attention shifted to assisting all the residents who had lost everything.
• A huge thank you to FCSS and local residents who found accommodation for the eight families affected by this fire.
• Also, thank you to all the local organizations and businesses, especially Cornerstone Co-Op who are matching up to $2500.00 and individuals who began looking at ways to support these families through monetary donations for both immediate needs and longer-term assistance. These efforts will continue in the weeks to come.

On behalf of Town Council, we want to say thank you to everyone for all you have done and continue to do. It’s in a time of crisis that a community defines itself by its people, and you have truly shown the strength of a small community.

Mayor and Council
Town of Elk Point

Photos provided by Sherida Germain

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