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St. Paul Town Council Highlights – April 19, 2018


Mayor Maureen Miller sent a letter on behalf of the Town and Council to Rob Muench, Mayor of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Mayor Miller expressed condolences regarding last week’s tragic bus crash and offered assistance in any way possible.

Bylaw 1243 – Rezoning

At the previous council meeting, a public hearing took place regarding a potential rezoning of the lots on the southwest corner of the intersection at 48 St. and 48 Ave., west of the hospital. The rezoning would change the lot from a Residential Medium Density District to a C2 Highway Commercial District and was requested in order for a local couple to open a bakery and coffee shop.

During the April 19 meeting, Councillor Ron Boisvert expressed concerns about setting a negative precedent regarding the rezoning.

“I’m worried that if this lot, in the middle of a residential area, is rezoned, that we could be opening a can of worms for other residential rezoning requests,” Councillor Boisvert said.

One of the main concerns that residents in the neighbourhood expressed during the public hearing was the lack of parking that already exists on the block, which would only be worsened with the presence of a bakery. Similarly, parents were worried about an increase in vehicle traffic in the area. Mayor Miller spoke about this concern, saying:

“I went to that intersection and sat on the corner last week. I sat there around noon, and I sat there around 3:30 and 4:00; shift change at the hospital. Upon examination, I believe that the parking and traffic concerns raised by residents are valid. I would never want to turn down an opportunity to open a new, potentially successful business here in town, but it is a very, very busy corner.”

When asked to vote in favour or against the rezoning, Council was unanimously opposed and the bylaw was defeated. There is no appeal process.

Community Funding Requests

Council examined and approved a large array of funding requests from community groups. All funding requests save one were approved. A full list of the amounts approved will not be listed here, but the organizations and events approved for funding are:

Iron Horse Ultra 100
Megan Wolitski Memorial Walk
St. Paul 4-H Multiclub
St. Paul Ag Society
St. Paul Champions for Change
St. Paul Community Learning Association
St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce
St. Paul Minor Hockey Association
St. Paul Fish & Game Association
St. Paul Gymnastics Club
St. Paul RCMP
St. Paul Bengals Football
St. Paul Pickleball Club
St. Paul Regional High School Curling Club
St. Paul Regional High School Graduation Ceremony
St. Paul Senior Citizens Centre
St. Paul Special Olympics
Western Canadian Wagon Train

The next St. Paul Town Council Meeting will take place at 7:00 on April 23 in the Council Chambers.

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