LCSD’s District Celebration 2018

LCSD’s District Celebration took place this year on Friday, March 16, 2018 at Holy Cross Elementary School in Cold Lake. This important annual event recognizes staff members who are retiring as well as those who have provided long service to the district.

This year, there were two retirees being celebrated as well as twenty long service staff members. The theme for this year’s event was David Versus Goliath. Trustees from Cold Lake did a fantastic job as Masters of Ceremonies for the evening.

Bonnyville trustees joined them in acknowledging retirees and award recipients by presenting them with their awards. Senior administrative staff including Superintendent Joe Arruda, Deputy Superintendent Pamela Guilbault, Secretary Treasurer Sylvia Slowski, Director of Student Learning Michelle Dargis and Director of Technology Clint Elliott were in attendance as well.

The commitment and dedication of our hard-working staff is at the heart of what makes our district outstanding in terms of student learning and district excellence. Thank you to our retirees and long service staff members for all that you have done and continue to do for the district.

Pictured: Nicole Gaulin

Bonnyville trustee Diane Bauer introduced retiree Nicole Gaulin and provided a speech about Nicole’s career with LCSD. Diane highlighted Nicole’s commitment to education and her passion for providing students with enriched literacy experiences in the library at École Notre Dame High School. Retiree Angie Malech was unable to attend the ceremony. Thank you to both Nicole and Angie for their steadfast commitment to excellence in student learnring. We wish you both many blessings in your retirement.

Ten Year Award recipients included Chantel Axani-Rawlake, Rhonda Ganes, Deidre Hagerty-Richard, Pamela Yochim, David Ozero and Andrea Reid.


Fifteen Year Award recipients included Julie Norrie, Roland Mercier, Karen Moreland and Brett Todd.

Twenty Year Award recipients included Jason Bayer, Lisa DeAbreu, Carol Rainey, Sylvia Prefontaine, Susy Teixeira, Irene Tremblay and Val Badger.

Thirty Year Award recipients included Vince Spila and Sandi Tellier.

Thirty-Five Year Award recipient is Lorraine Hawkins.

Thank you to Mrs. Meredith Keizer and the Assumption band for providing the opening music. We would also like to thank Robyn McRae and Vince Spila, Nicole Brusdeilins, and Siobhan and Ben Winterhalt’s band for performing throughout the evening. Thank you to the planning commitee for making this event such a success! A special thank you to Amanda Tomm and the Maintenance staff for really making the theme shine. Also, thank you to the many guests who wore wonderful Biblical costumes.