Anxiety and anger are hurting our kids

Why are children struggling with anxiety, anger and other emotions that affect their well-being? Ask Dr. Jody Carrington.

Carrington will be in Elk Point on Tuesday, February 27 to share stories and provide strategies to parents wishing to aid children in coping with emotions. She is a psychologist, mother, wife, sister, and friend who, according to her website, “Enjoys working with parents and children who are struggling with a range of relationship issues and mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, behavioural difficulties, and school problems. I have also done trauma and grief work with children and families.”

Carrington will be at Elk Point Elementary School from 6:30 – 8:30 on February 27. Sherry Bower-Gagne, school counsellor at F. G. Miller Jr/Sr High School is looking forward to attending her presentation.  “It’s like a Random Act of Kindness you give to yourself and you get that ripple effect that continues on to your children and relationships. This session will be great for parents, grandparents, friends; anybody that wonders why anger and anxiety affects us all. I am so excited!”

Kali Cousins, program coordinator for Elk Point Early Childhood Development Committee (ECDC) which is sponsoring the free event, says the committee is bringing Carrington in because there is a need. “A number of parents have requested information on childhood anxiety and depression in children. We expect she will talk about the relationship between child and parent or caregiver and how to help prevent depression or how to deal with it.” Cousins explains, “Growing up, we all felt anxious about competitions or tests, but from what parents are saying it’s a lot more than that. It’s all the time and it’s starting young.”

ECDC is focused on zero to six year olds and their development.  Cousins leads a preschoolers’ class every Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 in the Elk Point Library. “We focus on sensory skills, like touching, and gross motor skills that get them moving and sharing.   Each week is something different – running across bubble wrap, playing with different textures, building puzzles, working with colours, and so on.”

As well as the children’s classes, Cousins has training in “1-2-3 Magic” (a positive parenting program) and can support parents with ideas for “everything from getting kids to stay in bed at night to helping with chores.”

ECDC offers pop up events focused on families like a clown show, guest psychologists, and a photo booth at Family Day.