Off-Road Vehicle Reminded of Bonnyville Bylaws

The Bonnyville RCMP, and Bylaw Officer, would like to remind off-road motorists to be aware of the Town of Bonnyville’s Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw. “There are some trouble areas in town,” says Sergaent Sarah Parke, with the Bonnyville Detachment.

Areas such as Lakeshore Drive, Jesse Lake, and Beau Vista, off-road vehicle have been spotted not obeying the bylaws and travelling with pleasure and recreation, inside the town’s limits. According to the Town’s bylaw 1160-99 5.0 Off-Highway Vehicles, “no person shall operate an off-highway vehicle in the Town of Bonnyville, except for the purpose of proceeding from his residence to a permitted area and back to his residence by the most direct route possible.” Operators of the vehicles are to use back alleys and lanes only. They are not to go on highways, unless off-loading or loading the vehicle onto a trailer or in a building. The bylaw also states that off-highway vehicles are not to be used on any parkland, such as Jesse Lake/Lakeshore Drive area.

Off-highway vehicles may travel into town for “food, fueld, lodging, and repairs,” by using the designated routes only. “No person shall operate an off-highway vehicle on a street or avenue in the Town of Bonnyville, exept to cross a street or avenue if necessary.”

Sgt. Parke says it’s important that people educate themselves on the bylaw, “many people may not know that all the Town’s bylaw’s can be accessed on their website.” For more on this bylaw and others, visit

Off-highway vehicles refer to snowmobiles, side by sides, quads, and recreational motorized vehicles.