Residents Reminded to Clear Snow + Be Aware of Snow Plow Days

Businesses asked not to plow snow into ditches & culverts

The Town of Bonnyville’s Bylaw Officer, Constable Wanda Decoste is sending out a reminder to residents & business owners of the Town’s Snow Removal Bylaw.

For residential areas there are two main concerns, 1. clearing of the sidewalks and 2. being aware of snow plow days and ensuring your vehicle is not parked on the side of the road during a scheduled snow plow day.

For the first, “the bylaw is 48 hours to remove snow from the sidewalks, after a snowfall,” Cst. Decoste explains after 48 bylaw will start issuing tickets. There is a program in place for seniors or persons unable to physical remove the snow themselves; Snow Angels. The program is ran through the Bonnyville FCSS at 780) 826-2120. If you are planning a vacation or will be away working, plan for someone else to shovel your sidewalks. Snow on sidewalks is a hazard to the public and cause severe injury.

For the second, “the bylaw states that you cannot be parked on the street for more than 72 hours. If you’re parked on the street you need to make some attempts to move it.” Cst. Decoste explains that is a year-round bylaw for Bonnyville. In regards to snow plow days, the Town makes every attempt to give fair warning as to when the streets will be plowed, “if you are parked on that street after 7:30 am, when crews get started, then we will have to tow you.” The bylaw officer explains that she does attempt to locate the owners before towing by running the licence plate through her system. However, if the owner is unavailable or cannot be found then the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. “They give a lot of notice, as to when the plowing will occur,” Cst. Decoste says typically there’s two-three days’ notice for snow plowing.

Another area of concern for bylaw is businesses removing their snow and pushing it into ditches and culverts. “This causes a lot of problems in the spring,” she explains. There are bylaws in place that direct businesses not to push snow in to the ditches or culverts, with fines attached to offenders. “Some companies hire contractors, so they need to make sure the contractors are aware of the bylaws,” ultimately it comes down to the businesses, “it’s their responsibility.”

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the Town of Bonnyville’s Snow Removal Bylaw visit or stop by the Town Hall.