Bonnyville’s Premiere Cheerleading bring Heat to Cold Snap

The Premiere Academy of Tumbling & Cheerleading teams, Flicker & Fever, brought some major heat to the Cold Snap Cheerleading competition in Edmonton. The groups both performed extremely well with Flicker taking 3rd place in their category and Fever, with a 4th place, competing with a hit zero (meaning they had no deductions in their routine). Coach Melissa Kirkendall says she is very happy with the results.

Cold Snap is a pretty big deal, it’s sanctioned by the Alberta Cheerleading Association. The three-day event, held January 19-21st, saw over 1900 cheerleadings that mad eup 150 teams. “It was our first competition,” the coach brought cheerleading to Bonnyville this year after moving to the community with her daughter. “We’re came from Red Deer and there’s cheerleading there. My daughter had done it, so we wanted to bring it here.” The new club grew quickly, with 14 members in Flicker (6-8 years old) and 17 in Fever (8-12 years old).

For Fever to receive a hit zero is a really big deal, says Kirkendall, “it means that they had no deductions in their routine,” it also goes to show how stiff the competition was. “They placed forth in their category. There were 9 teams.” Flicker was up against seven teams in their category and placed 3rd overall, “it was so good to see them place in their first ever competition.”

The club will be competiting in two more competitions this season and hope to expand the club, with an older age category in the 2018-19 season.