In Elk Point week of January 15th, 2018

Water rate increase coming

Elk Point’s water rate is increasing. At the town’s budget meeting on December 14, 2017, council proposed the following rates:


basic water (14m3)  = $60.00         (up from $50.00)

basic sewer            = $17.00         (up from $15.00)

garbage fee            = $15.00         (no change)

water meters          = $  7.00          (new charge, but $3.00 fee for garbage bins has been


Total                       = $99.00


Increases will offset costs associated with the regional water board, installation of electronic water meters, and the town’s current subsidization of utilities.

The public is invited to express any concerns, verbal or written at the board’s next meeting, on Monday, January 22, beginning at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers. The rates will be set by resolution after the public meeting.

Changing these rates will affect the town’s budget, but Mayor Lorne Young says, “We want to honour public engagement.”


Garbage bin fee dropped

Since August  2013 residents of Elk Point have been paying $3 per month to build a reserve fund for replacement of garbage bins.  The fund now has approximately $28 000, which should be enough to last three to four years. By removing the garbage bin fee, council is attempting to keep residential costs under control, especially considering the water rate increase.


Cannabis sales office request

The town received a letter from a local resident who is interested in opening a store to sell marijuana and paraphernalia in Elk Point once these sales become legal. According to the letter, “The store will maintain a well-lit, pleasant atmosphere with attractive displays. This will be a safe and shopper friendly way to purchase legal marijuana in our community.”  Council deferred any decisions until provincial legislation provides direction.


Banners on the trail

The walking trail project is complete. Grant money designated for the trail has been spent, with the last few dollars going to a set of winter banners.


Taste of Elk Point

An event to highlight local restaurants, caterers, and wine/beer producers has been initiated by the recreation department. It is tentatively scheduled for August 2018.


Airport Lighting

The town is expecting a big, as in 2 feet by 6 feet, cheque to be presented by Enbridge towards lighting rehabilitation upgrades at the airport, and is waiting to hear from CNRL regarding their contribution to the project. A STIP grant of $800,000 requires 25% of that amount to be provided through partnerships with municipalities and third parties. The town will contribute about

$50,000 with support from the Elk Point and District Lions Club of $10,000 leverage, and the County of St. Paul has budgeted $50,000.


Trailers on the street

Residents are reminded that recreational vehicles and utility trailers may be parked on the street for no more than 48 hours.