Cold Lake Chamber accepting Nominations for Board Position

The Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for one vacant board position expiring December 2018 due to a director resignation.
Nominations must be received at the Chamber office no later than 3 pm on January 31, 2018.


Nominations received by our office will be presented to the Board of Directors at the regular monthly meeting scheduled for Feb 14th 2018 at which time the board of directors may appoint a new director to complete the term in accordance with our bylaws as stated below.


5.5         Long-Term Absence of a Board Member
a)  In the event of a long-term absence of the President, the Vice President will assume the office of President for the remainder of the term.
 b) In the absence of the Vice President, one of the Directors shall be nominated by the Board to discharge the duties of the Vice President.
 c)  Any vacancy on the Board may be filled by appointment upon resolution of the Board.
 d)  A request for a leave of absence must not extend more than three (3) consecutive directors’ meetings.
e)   A leave of absence will not be granted if it is requested during the final six months of a position’s term. If in the final six months, a letter of resignation will be accepted.
5.6         Vacancies on the Board
A member of the Board or general membership, appointed to fill a vacancy, holds office for the un-expired term of their predecessor. Whenever the Board makes an appointment to complete a term of office of any of the Board, such appointee shall be eligible at elections for the same office. The filling of a position will not be considered part of any term, if the individual appointed was not currently holding a position on the Board.


Please see the  Nomination Package for further details or contact the Chamber office at 780.594.4747