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  • #1 Trail Initiatives Approved – Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved two new trail initiatives. Council agreed to construct the Ardmore Storm Water Trail and to develop the design for the North Shore Heights Trail. The Ardmore Trail is on the south end of the golf course and the North Shore Heights Trail will tie into the existing trails around Moose Lake. Both will tie into the Iron Horse Trail. The Town of Bonnyville Council has reiterated its commitment to extend the Jessie Lake trail to connect to the M.D. trail at the municipality’s border to allow users to bike all the way to Moose Lake.


  • #2 Crime Prevention Program Receives Recognition – Municipalities throughout Alberta are contacting the Public Safety Department to get information on the establishment of the new Crime Prevention Program. Director Chris Garner told Council that municipalities across Alberta are dealing with an increase in crime and they are requesting information on the M.D.’s new initiative. Reeve Greg Sawchuk is meeting in March with the Chief of RCMP in Alberta to discuss crime issues in the


  • #3 Ag And Waste News – Parkland Geo was awarded the $39,500 tender for engineering of the Class III Therien landfill expansion investigation. Parkland Geo will do the geologic, hydrologic and engineering testing before the M.D. applies for approvals through the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) and Alberta Environment and Protection. The 2018 budget for the Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission will see a $3 per tonne increase on the transportation of waste to the Thorhild Waste Management site. A new waste hauling contract will be tendered in Waste hauling volumes to Thorhild have increased from 2016.


  • #4 Public Safety Update – The Christmas season brought with it animal complaints, including dogs running at large, dogs being left out in the cold and horses on a road in Ward 1. Officers also responded to requests from the Alberta SPCA to assist with complaints from within the M.D. Peace Officers attended a number of collisions during the holiday season and completed a liability report for the M.D. Peace Officers are continuing patrols to look for people passing school buses while the red lights are flashing. Officers continue to do crime prevention controls, and were pleased an event organizer called to ask for extra patrols around a community hall, due to prizes for an event being stored in the building. School Resource Officers were invited to a number of Christmas concerts and other fun school activities leading up to the Christmas


  • #5 Christmas Cold Closes Kinosoo – A cold snap closed Kinosoo Ridge for almost a week during Christmas holidays. It is only the second time in 21 years the hill has been closed during Christmas break. Preparations for the Family Day long weekend Snow Fever event are continuing, with Kinosoo excited to host Snöjuhla. The event will feature live, all-ages music, a selection of barbecued food, races and much more. Tickets are now available online. See facebook.com/SnowFeverLakeland for more



  • #6 Coyote Reduction Program Reinstated – The Ag Services Board reinstated the Coyote Reduction program after receiving livestock predation complaints. The wolf portion of the program has been in effect since October. Since the Coyote and Wolf Reduction program was reinstated, 45 coyotes and eight wolves have been received. The program will continue until the end of


  • #7 Planning and Development Update – In December, eight Residential Development Permits were issued, with a year-to-date total of $21,489,109. The economic downturn and a large selection of housing on the market lead to year-to-date totals lower than the 2016 total of $25,799,192. Year-to-date housing starts in 2017 included 34 Single Family Dwellings and 15 Mobile Home Units. In December, 27 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued. The M.D. had 32 Subdivision Applications by the end of December. Director of Planning and Development Caroline Palmer was appointed as Project Manager, and Lisa Folliott as an Alternate, to develop and complete the Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) with the County of St. Paul and Lac La Biche County. Councillor Marc Jubinville was appointed as the Council representative. Council agreed to apply for an Alberta Community Partnership Program Grant to complete IDPs and Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) documents with the Village of Glendon, and the Summer Villages of Pelican Narrows and Bonnyville Beach. The project shall commence in 2019 at an estimated cost of $200,000, with the grant to cover all


  • #8 Transportation and Utilities Update – Council approved the purchase of four replacement graders, two replacement heavy trucks, one wheel loader, one wood chipper and one tractor. The purchase of a used grader was also approved. All of the equipment was approved through the 2018 Interim Budget, not to exceed the cost of $3,179,000. Council awarded the 2018 Engineering Services La Corey Resource Road Asphalt Overlay to SE Design and Consulting Inc. for a total cost of $299,908. Up until last week, there hadn’t been a lot of snow fall, so crews were working on roadside brushing projects.


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