In Elk Point

Following a long day of courses for new councils in Vermilion, Elk Point’s governing board held its regular meeting last Monday evening. Policies on snow removal, fireworks, and transparency in expenditures and payments to councillors were key items on the agenda.


Snow Removal

Residents are reminded that snow is to be removed from public sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall, as per Bylaw 577/96. Failure to do so may result in a fine, or the homeowner may be charged the cost of having the snow removed. Uninhabited properties, including properties owned by a bank or real estate company, are subject to the same bylaw. Although a bylaw officer does not regularly inspect properties, any complaints made by citizens will be investigated.



A recent audit of the Fire Board revealed a deficit in regulations regarding fireworks, resulting in some changes to policies. While fireworks are permitted in Elk Point, they may be used only under strict conditions. Most importantly, a request to use fireworks must be approved by Town Council, then an application for a letter of permission from the Fire Department must be made at least 28 days before an event that features fireworks.


Pets in Town

A family that recently moved to Elk Point requested that they be allowed to keep six pets at their residence. However, the current bylaw permits a maximum of four pets. The request was denied. As Councillor Dwayne Yaremkevich explained, “We can’t go against our own bylaws. Previously when we’ve been asked to relax a bylaw, we have not.”


Request Floater Day

The town office will be closed for a short Christmas break on December 25 and 26. A proposal to give town employees December 22 as a floater day was denied. The personnel policy will be reviewed in January, and Christmas breaks will be considered at that time.



Councillor Terri Hampson suggested that jackets be purchased to show pride in representing the Town of Elk Point. Discussion ensued about whether they would be paid for out of town funds or by individuals, whether they would be mandatory or optional, and whether they would be for councillors or all town employees. The conclusion was that most council members were not in favour of the jackets.