More adults wanted in Brazilian Jui Jitsu

The Bonnyville Brazilian Jui Jitsu club is looking for more adults to join the program; which is ran out of the Hi-Energy Fitness Studio, Energy MMA, every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a great way to be active and learn new skills.

“Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a martial system that focuses on positional dominance, control and submission based attacks. For this reason it is commonly known as the gentle art,” beginners and people of all fitness levels are welcome at Brazilian Jui Jitsu. “Most martial arts programs rely on striking the attacker with violent punches, kicks, knees and elbows; but in our program we take a different approach. All of the techniques are purely defensive and utilize no strikes.”

Brazilian Jui Jitsu is rapidly growing in Canada,  “it combines a rigorous calorie burning class with the disciplinary focus of martial arts. While building self-confidence by teaching practical self-defense techniques in a safe and controlled atmosphere.”

You can drop-in and try a class any Tuesday or Thursday from 7:00-8:30 pm at Hi-Energy Fitness Studio, 5028 50th Avenue Bonnyville (across from MR MIKES). You should wear shorts and a t-shirt or rash guard shirt. There are also classes available for kids, same days, from 6:00-7:00 pm.